Hey there! We're first nft agency: we create, produce, and overview nft-related projects

Apes by Veteris Family →
A collection of modern art NFTs, minted on Tezos
Blockchain Heroes →
Outstanding Crypto and Blockchain people from CIS in an NFT series
FNA Opensea collection →
Explore the agency own collection
MARS 2k48 →
Mars colonization project
Cosmogonic Series →
Tokenized art by a famous Ukrainian artist
Game Of Crypto →
Share the NFTs with APYSwap
#TheMetaverseFund →
Domains NFT for rent. Winners in its category @ Blockchainua Hackathon
Community events →
Next event — this May
FNA×Veteris×Garbus: Chornobyl →
FNA×Veteris×Garbus: Chornobyl
Virtual Assets Basic Course →
First NFT certificates for a basic course in Virtual Assets
Longbiz →
Thoughts on the future by Kyiv entrepreneurs
First NFT Agency MATIC →
Market statistics overview. Tokenized
Crypto Cossacks →
Generated art “Crypto Cossacks.” Total mint 10k NFTs
FC DYNAMO Kyiv Proposal →
Tokenization mechanics proposal
Proof-of-Attendance NFTs
First Ukrainian tokenized sculpture
Stay tuned!

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