Blockchain heroes

These who help to build the Blockchain world as we know it!
About Blockchain heroes collection
A series of portraits of prominent individuals that contributed greatly to the world of Blockchain tech.

There's no a single name mentioned, but you recognized all of them, right? 
About Veteris Family
Veteris Family is a collaboration of two artists, husband and wife. Completely different, but complementary like yin and yang.

Savages curbed the art of crypto!

Artists with academic art education who were always looking for something new in art. And it was NFT that gave us new opportunities.
The mememelier and a blogger, an expert in the domain of virtual assets.

An expert in tokenomics, blockchain tech at large, AL/ML/NLP, and distributed agile team building.

A Ph.D. in cryptography, a founder of a company whose mission is to build the Financial Internet.

An independent researcher with deep knowledge of all the existing consensus protocols.

An experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the tech and blockchain industry.

And many more...

The world of Blockchain wouldn't have been the same if there hadn't been for their contribution. And we're happy to pay tribute to their input by creating the Blockchain Heroes collection!

More and more heroes are coming soon.
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