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Share the NFTs with APYSwap
APYSwap is a protocol for decentralized cross-chain exchange of shares of Tokenized Vaults. Leveraging layer-2 blockchain technology, APYSwap enables the trustless trading of tokenized yields across multiple layer-1 blockchains.

With APYSwap, active DeFi portfolio managers can create specific combinations of Liquidity Providers, Yield Farming as well as other tokens and transfer divisible shares of these portfolios to third parties. Therefore, instead of unlocking the assets for trading, users can instead trade APYSwap Vault shares. This provides liquidity to the previously illiquid assets, without compromising the rewards tied to the condition of assets remaining locked.
About Veteris family
Veteris Family is a collaboration of two artists, husband and wife. Completely different, but complementary like yin and yang.

Savages curbed the art of crypto!

Artists with academic art education who were always looking for something new in art. And it was NFT that gave us new opportunities.
About the collaboration
April 23, 2021, 1:00 pm UTC
The largely anticipated feature is finally here! We have been teasing the joint ownership of the NFTs for a while now. And today we are very excited to bring our vision to live, splitting the ownership of two NFTs on Binance Smart Chain network between our community members. The event will begin on April 23 at 1:00 pm UTC.

A BSC bridge will be built to transfer two OpenSea-issued NFTs (a courtesy of While we are at it, let’s take a brief moment to appreciate their team’s design. Isn’t it something?

There are some great news for you, dear APYS holders. As a token of our gratitude, we offer a certain amount of ownership shares to you, free of charge (under a single condition – holding 500 APYS).

After the transfer, NFT will be wrapped and placed into the APYSwap vault on BSC network, initiating the countdown on our website. The countdown will last 5 days, enabling users to claim the vault shares on claim contract. During this time, their BSC APYS balance will be verified and, if they hold 500 APYS, they will receive 0.2% of the vault’s share. Twenty percent of the ownership tokens will be given away to APYS holders.

In two days, an authorized Vault Manager will transfer NFTs from the vault to our on-chain marketplace and sell it. Buyer will receive the NFT, crediting funds to vault. Every participant who has the ownership tokens will be able to acquire their corresponding share of funds, burning tokens in the process. At the same time, NFTs’ new owner will transfer them back to OpenSea, finalizing the bridge cycle.

Our marketplace will occupy quite a unique niche on BSC network, akin to OpenSea, making us pioneers in this area. This also has the potential to open up the massive NFT market to the BSC network, utilizing our bridge solution.

Do you want to participate? Become an APYS holder and gain access to special APYSwap promotions. We cannot wait to share more exciting news and features with our community.

Stay tuned for more NFTs action!