Virtual Assets Basic Course

This is a collection of assets, created for the online educational program, Virtual assets: Basic course BLOCK 01 that was held in November-December, 2021.
The basic course is the first product by the work group Education and media, that was formed during strategic foresight Virtual assets in Ukraine 2030, a study of the industry of virtual assets in Ukraine that was initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. It implements one of the goals of the roadmap -- to make half of all Ukrainians crypto literate in the next few years. The program was founded by experts of the strategic foresight session.

Co-creators and curators: Leonid Khatskevych and Dima Bondar. Curators: Valeriia Volkova, Aida Dzhanhirova, Igor Porokh, Yevhenii Panchenko, Slava Demchuk. Methodist: Valeriia Panina. Administrator: Eugene Romanenko. NFT creator: First NFT Agency.

In code we trust!

Virtual Assets Basic Course
An Polygon collection