Homo Bostonus

Evolution has created Homo sapiens. But has the new environment changed us?
Freedom of choice, responsibility for actions, morality and principles — how much does the environment with which we interact so actively determine our global picture?

Without the digital component, people's lives in the 21st century are unimaginable.

For half a thousand years, the world has known the Homo vitruvianus, the symbol of symmetry and proportions. Today it is time to meet the Homo bostonus, the symbol of the blend of technology and life.

Wires — like veins — are now an integral part of his essence, which nourishes their personality and connects them with the world.

Gradually, technology has evolved from an add-on to the core of being. How realistic is our existence without digitalization? Since when are we Homo bostonus?

NB: This is a digital copy of an original physical art object.
Homo Bostonus