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Imagine if primate chipping was successful...
About FNA
FNA is a full-service provider and platform for business growth. We are offering turn-key solutions for entrepreneurs, people of art, celebrities, game developers, real estate companies, law firms' and other end-users of NFT's.
About Veteris Family
Veteris Family is a collaboration of two artists, husband and wife. Completely different, but complementary like yin and yang.

Savages curbed the art of crypto!

Artists with academic art education who were always looking for something new in art. And it was NFT that gave us new opportunities.
Based on true events.

Let's imagine a world in which the experiment with primate chipping, the Nanobanano chip, is a success. And they were given freedom, they were given opportunities.

Years passed and development did not stand still. Their city called New Junglebecame painfully familiar and everyone recognized themselves in their images. They were no longer those primates, they became conscious individuals with their own history, life, dreams, profession.

Each has acquired its role in society and social status. Each monkey is unique and hand-drawn
the collection
A Tezos collection